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My Journey

I am a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in a community mental health agency in Eugene, Oregon. My post-doctoral work focused on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Currently I am one of only a few practitioners offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to individuals served by Medicaid in the United States. I am a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies Center for Psychedelic Therapies & Research program (2022) and an instructor with the Subtle Winds Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program focusing on community-supported wellness and harm reduction. I have received ketamine assisted psychotherapy training from CIIS, Temenos Center, and Polaris Insight Center. For the past two decades I have offered volunteer psychedelic harm reduction and now also offer integration services and ketamine assisted psychotherapy in my private practice at Velez Psychiatric Services.


Core Ethical Practices

Current Ethical Processes

Radical Transparency

  • Clear consent & fee agreements

  • Shared knowledge/expertise/billing processes with clients, colleagues, OSPCC, Healing Advocacy Fund

  • Public access to giving feedback about me (see below*)

  • Clear credentials- Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP), Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), Bachelor Science-Nursing, Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Arts- Music, OHA-licensed Psilocybin Facilitator (anticipated 6/2023)

  • Clear training & scope of practice

    • CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies & Research graduate (Class of 2022)

    • Additional Ketamine training with Polaris Insight Center & Temenos Center (2022-present)

    • Trainer/Instructor & graduate of Subtle Winds Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program (2023- present)

    • Board Certified Psychiatric Prescriber & Therapist Provider (since 2021)

    • Bedside Nurse for medical, psychiatry, pediatrics (2012-2018)

  • Therapy/Psychiatry Supervision with Dr. Judith Watkins, a board-certified psychiatrist- twice monthly

  • Ethical Psychedelic Consultation/Mentorship with Dr. Sandra Dreisbach monthly

Professional Support Practices: Lifelong Supervision

Professional Support Practices: Mentorship & Community Involvement

  • Oregon Psychiatry Round Table (medical provider consultation circle)- monthly meetings

  • Big Tent Ketamine- active contributor

  • EPIC- Ethical Psychedelic International Community- active contributor

Personal Support Practices

  • Emerald Psychedelic Facilitator Peer Consultation group- monthly meetings starting June 2023

  • Asian Psychedelic Collective-active contributor

  • Ongoing communication with mentors (Dr. Pete Reddy &Dr. Sandra Dreisbach)

  • Dance Empowered participant- monthly

I warmly welcome your concerns via:

  • Direct feedback by email: or Ethical Consultant/Mentor: Sandra Dreisbach-

  • Anonymous feedback via (Website in Process)

  • Rupture & Repair Processing Assistance: You may also request to have a free 45 minute ethics consultation about your concerns with or without me at the above website from a psychedelic ethicist.

  • Reporting to my employer: Subtle Winds Educational Support Team:

  • Reporting to my licensing entities:

    • You may also make direct reports about psilocybin facilitators to: 1-971-673-0316 or or OPS Compliance Program PO Box 14450 Portland, OR 97293-1450.

  • Oregon State Board of Nursing: 17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Road, Portland, OR 97224

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